Chrome Plating

Industrial Plating Company offers its customers the advantages of industrial hard chrome plating to meet their new surface finish and repair needs.
Industrial Hard Chrome Plating is a layer of chromium which is applied to metal parts through the process of electroplating. Industrial hard chrome is an excellent choice where there is a need to reduce friction, improve corrosion resistance, improve surface hardness, and to build up thickness to restore diameter.

Benefits of Hard Chrome Plating

  • Abrasion Resistance
    Hard chrome offers excellent abrasion resistance because it has a high coefficient of friction. Hard chromed parts last many times longer than hardened tool steel.
  • Thickness
    Hard chrome can be applied from a thickness of 0.0001″ (known as a “flash”) up to more than 0.040″.

Our chrome solution is analyzed on a monthly basis by a qualified testing lab.